Saturday, 21 March 2009

Want to be a Facebook fan?

I know, as usual I have discovered Facebook ages after everyone else. But just to be different, I've sent up an anonymous Business Page, which is much more limiting than the usual Personal Pages. It probably doesn't help because I don't actually know what I'm doing, and I haven't created a personal profile either. It seems that I can't become anyone's "friend" but if you also have a Business Page I can become a "Fan". Strange eh?


niftyknits said...

I barely ever remember I've even got a facebook presecence, and I certainly don't know how to have a business page - so you're ahead of me!

nifty thrifty said...

Hello fellow crafter. I hereby announce that you have been awarded a Kreativ blogger award and the news is posted on my blog. I've no dea what it is but I'm delighted to have been nominated myself and to pass it on to a fellow crafty blogger