Friday, 26 June 2009

Undiscovered Christie

I'm sure most Fox Terrier fans have read "Dumb Witness" by Agatha Christie, in which the mystery is solved by a WFT called Bob, with the assistance of Poirot.

I was delighted to read about the recent discovery of two unseen Christie short stories which will be published by HarperCollins in autumn. One of these is called "The Mystery of the Dog's Ball", which was eventually re-worked into the novel "Dumb Witness".

"Secret Notebooks: Fifty Years of Mysteries in the Making" by John Curran will contain this and another never seen before short story, along with insights into how Christie worked, re-using ideas and developing plots.

Take a look at the official Agatha Christie website for more fascinating facts.


Sally said...

OOOOHHHHHHHHH - the obsession is fed again. Love the cover art - I will not be able to contain myself and will be forced to go and buy it!


whoatemycrayons said...

I think 'bob' is one of the most memorable characters from poirot!

Asta said...

Oh My dog
That is so's my vewy favowite Poiwot episode..I could watch bob all day long.
I have nevew seen the book..I'll have to find it
smoochie kisses