Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wire Fox Terrier Stuff #4

I recently came across this delightful recording by Tony Schwartz called "A Dog's Life" . It was broadcast by the CBS Radio Network in the late 1950s and then later released as a record. It tells the tale of the first year in the life of Tony's dog, a rescue fox terrier cross called Tina. The record has an amusing narration by Ralph Bell which documents Tony's visit to the animal shelter to select a puppy, seeking advice on housetraining, selecting a name and so on.

If you fancy having a listen it is available to download from the Smithsonian Global Sound website for the bargain price of $3.97 You can also view the liner notes here. Utterly charming.


Eric said...

Ahh what a sweetie.No wonder she inspired a record. I also noted where Tina's bones came from and will send Asta off to 9th street to do a quality check!!

Wirry wags Eric xx

Helene Crepieux said...

That record is a real delight.
Tina is so sweet.
Thank you for finding it.

Helene xxx