Saturday, 24 July 2010

Fox Terrier Fun Day

Last Sunday was the annual Fox Terrier Fun Day, which took place in a field on a farm in Hertfordshire. The aim is to raise money for Fox Terrier Rescue; last year they made nearly £500! I hope they manage to top that this time.

The day included demonstrations of grooming smooth and wire coats, nail cutting, lots of fun competitions and the highlight for me, a fancy dress contest. I did take lots of photos of this but was laughing so much that none of the pictures were particularly good. The winners (both dog and owner) were dressed as clowns and I'm hoping that there will be photos available on the FTR events page shortly.

There were 8 dogs there looking for new homes, 2 very handsome Smooths and 6 Wires, including a mother and daughter who need to be rehomed together. A small Wire Fox Terrier with sticky up ears called Sid stole everybodys' hearts though; I hope they all find their perfect forever home shortly.

It was a fantastic day and lovely to see so many Wires and Smooths together. Already looking forward to next year...


Asta said...

I wish we could have been thewe to laugh along side you and see all the wiwy and non wiwy kids.
I do hope all those fuwwkids find fuwwevew homes soon Sid looks a little fowlown..I hope he finds love and secoowity soon
smoochie kisses

Agatha and Archie said...

We wish we could have been there too.. We hope those kids fond wonderfull homes Sending giant kisses A and A and PL2

Eric said...

Ok that's it. The squares are going to get it...why wasn't I there huh? Looks like you all had a terrierfic time. Paws crossed Sid gets a home soon, who could resist him?

Wiry love Eric xx