Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Walking the Dog

In 2002, purely by chance, I met the illustrator David Hughes. I was walking my previous Fox Terrier, Watson, and he was with his, Dexter. We got talking about dogs, as you do, and on departing exchanged email addresses. And so began a brief correspondence about Fox Terriers and stuff in general.

After losing touch for a while, I emailed him last year and he told me about his forthcoming graphic novel, "Walking the Dog". He mentioned that it was semi autobiographical and loosely based around his daily walks with Dexter. The book was published earlier this month by Random House and you can read a preview of it here.

I was amused and touched to discover that our meeting was documented in the book. Here I am with Watson, looking his usual angry self.

The book is funny, dark, disturbing in places and probably not for the faint hearted. I laughed out loud in places, got rather muddled in the middle and admit that a lot of it went over my head. For me though, one of the joys of the book are the illustrations. I really wish I could draw like this.


AMIdesigns said...

Sounds like a good read!

I have awarded you a blog award - please check out my blog for more about it


Eric said...

How fab to feature in a book. Better than a column in a Dog magazine I daresay?! You and Watson must of made a big impression. Will look out for the book sounds a good read.
B x

jax said...

What a fantastic story and to see yourself illustrated in a book! Something you can treasure forever!

Beccy said...

Hi, just letting you know that I've nominated you for a sunshine award, happy blogging!

gemma correll said...

Wow! That's amazing. I am such a big fan of David Hughes.