Monday, 5 April 2010

Dogs have rights too!

Today I joined 30 or so other dogs and their owners marching along Brighton seafront, campaigning for more businesses to welcome dogs into their premises. The Easter Parade for Dogs was organised by the Parisian-style tea salon, Metrodeco, one of Brighton's few dog friendly cafes. Co-owners Maggie and Helen believe that if more places relaxed their attitude to allowing dogs inside it would be good for tourism, making the city more appealing to dog owning visitors. They point out that most dog owners are responsible and since opening their cafe a year ago they have never had cause to ask an owner to take their pet outside.
The march today ended back at Metrodeco with refreshments for dogs and humans alike. Hurrah for Metrodeco!

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LoveHector said...

Good for you!! We have two dogs and have problems finding places to have a coffee, etc when we take them on holiday with us.

They are well behaved and love meeting people.