Thursday, 17 February 2011

Emil Otto Hoppé

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend the preview of the Emil Otto Hoppé exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. There were around 150 photographs, including beautiful studio portraits of just about anyone who was well known in the 1910s-1930s. Also included were photos of ordinary people in everyday scenes along with articles from illustrated newspapers and magazines like The Graphic and Picture Post.

Imagine my suprise at seeing this photo of a girl at the Pet Cemetery in London's Hyde Park. It's obviously posed, but poignant, none the less.

However, it was this photo of a bandaged Fox Terrier that really made my day. It was taken in 1935 in the waiting room of the Croydon Animal Hospital, run by the Canine Defence League (now know as the Dogs Trust). I wonder what had happened to this little chap.
Photographs from "Hoppé Portraits: Society, Studio and Street" by Phillip Prodger and Terence Pepper, National Portrait Gallery: London, 2011.

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Susan Sheldon Nolen said...

What a great photo! At First I thought something had been done to fix his ears, but now I don't think so! Lovely Post!